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Be the Most Popular Person in the Enterprise—Staff Training Given by Liu Mei, Deputy General Manager of the Group

time:2015-01-23 count:803

At present, the group is experiencing the transformation which is an important period. It is thus crucial to facilitate the employees to establish the proper working attitude. On June 21, 2014, Liu Mei, Deputy General Manager of the group provided the staff with a course themed Be The Most Popular Person in the Enterprise. The instructive course in Ms. Liu’s unique teaching style of smiling was quite popular among the staff, arousing strong resonance and benefiting everyone.

During the training, Ms. Liu taught in detail from various aspects such as the categorization of the employees, the recruitment of the employees, the employment standard of the enterprise, the elements of talents, the training of the talents, the differences between the ordinary and outstanding employees, the mentality of the employees and the promotion of the capacities of the employees. According to her, a person popular in the enterprise always works as if he/she was the owner of the enterprise, treats the interest of the organization in the first place and shows a “common sense of destiny” with the enterprise. The person popular in the enterprise should be dedicated and faithful to the enterprise. He/she would never find excuses or evade responsibilities and spare no efforts to carry out the tasks assigned by the superiors. Such kind of person can make greater achievements and have greater expectation. Such kind of person is the most popular in Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

Ms. Liu also mentioned that “the boss would raise the salary of the first-class employees spontaneously.” Indeed, the excellent employees are the treasures of an enterprise and the solid basis for the development of any enterprise. The manager of the enterprise will definitely increase their salaries in order to retain them. “The standard of recruitment of Zhonggang can be summarized as competence, power of execution, working attitude and loyalty index.” The employees that perform based on the standard would be put in the important positions. And the standard is also the goal for each employee. “What is the hugest cost for an enterprise? The answer is the employees that work without being trained.” The enterprise has to pay for the mistakes made by employees without rigorous training. From the training, Ms. Liu put it clear for everyone vividly by means of the case study of the former colleague who worked in the division of finance that the goals, once assured, must be implemented firmly to make the eventual success.

After attending the training, the employees further acknowledged that “the value of an individual employee depends on how much value he/she has created for the enterprise and on how much fortune he/she has brought to the enterprise.” Attitude is everything: your attitude towards learning decides your space of growth; your attitude towards working determines the values you can create at work.

To sum up, we must bear in mind that what Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. needs are the employees who can take the initiative to work and have the power of execution. The individual cannot grow without the training and cultivation of the enterprise in the long run. Without the enterprise, we would be only trees without roots or water without origin. Therefore, every one of us must share the breath and fate with Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. and improve our self-accomplishment and self-quality in order to be the most popular employee in Zhonggang.