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Resume delivery

The applicant delivers the application resume in the recruitment website designated by the company or in the on-site recruitment.

Resume screening

The HR recruitment manager screens the resumes of applicants basically conforming to the requirements according to the work experience, professional skill and comprehensive ability.

Interview notice

The HR Department notifies the interview time and place according to the resume of interview candidates confirmed by the talent use department and send the Interview Notice and Interview Path Route to the candidates in the form of short message and email.

Preliminary interview

The HA Department recruitment manger and director conduct preliminary interview to the applicants and fill in the interview comments, and then recommend the qualified applicants to the director of talent use department for interview.

Final interview

The director of talent use department and the relevant responsible person conduct final interview to the applicants and fill in the interview comment.

Admission approval

The HR Department recruitment manager fill in the admission approval form for the applicants passing the planned admission and present the form to relevant leader for approval.

Admission notice

The HR Department recruitment manager makes electronic file of Admission Notice according to the approved approval form, marks the admission post, labor contract period, probation period, salary, work time and entry formalities etc., and sends them to the admitted employees in email.

Admission receipt

The admitted employees should reply whether to accept the admission in email within three days after receiving the email.

Entry report

The new employees prepare the certificates and other materials required for the report according to the attachment of Admission Notice, Notes for Entry Formalities, and those not preparing the complete materials should not take the post. In case of special circumstance, it is needed to communicate with HR Department in email or by telephone.