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Kuang Yong, Vice-governor of Qinghai Province, and His Party Inspected the Sewage Treatment Plant Site of Qinghai Branch

time:2015-01-23 count:1010

On Sep. 5, 2014, Kuang Yong, the vice-governor of Qinghai Province, and his party inspected the construction and equipment installation of 2nd phrase expansion project of Ping’an County sewage treatment plant built by Qinghai branch, accompanied by Zang Zhengshu, General Manager of Qinghai branch, and company directors during the whole journey. Mr. Zang has introduced and reported the engineering construction to Mr. Kuang in detail. After the inspection, Mr. Kuang gave a high affirmation to the construction quality of Qinghai branch, and required Qinghai branch to accelerate the speed of construction and equipment installation in the premise of assuring quality, striving for putting into operation early to benefit society and citizens. At present, Qinghai branch is sparing no effort in accelerating the construction of sewage plant to ensure the delivery and operation of sewage plant on schedule.