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The Road Opening Ceremony of Huanbei Avenue in Xishui County was held

time:2019-01-31 count:325

At Tuesday morning on January 29, 2019, the Road Opening Ceremony of Huanbei Avenue in Xishui County, constructed by the Forth Engineering Bureau of Zhonggang Construction Group, was held in Zunyi City, Guizhou Province. 

Huanbei Avenue, with a total length of 10,617.999 m, started construction in October 2015, and is a key PPP project of Xishui County Government.

The Ceremony was attended by Tian Yong, the Deputy County Head, Lu Yugang, the Deputy Director of the Xishui County People's Congress, the Integrated Law Enforcement Office of Xishui County, the Traffic Police Battalion, Zhonggang Construction Group, Huanbei Avenue Headquarters, etc. Representatives spoke at the Ceremony successively and unanimously thought that Huanbei Avenue conforms to the opening condition. In the end, Lu Yugang formally announced the opening of Huanbei Avenue.

Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd.

January 30, 2019