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Zhonggang Construction Group Co., Ltd. Won the “Industrial Advanced Enterprise” of Jianhu Housing and Urban-rural Development System in 2018

time:2019-02-19 count:368

On February 13, 2019, the Bureau of Housing and Urban-rural Development of Jianhu County held the “2018 Annual Summary and Commendation Conference of Comprehensive Assessment of Housing and Urban-rural Development System Target Task”, and in the conference, it commended and rewarded advanced groups and individuals that have made a outstanding contribution to the development of the county’s housing and urban-rural construction. Our company had the honor to get the title of “Industrial Advanced Enterprise”.

The 2019 is a key year to building a moderately prosperous society, also a key year to promote the high quality development and achieve a break, it requires the whole system to insist on making the Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era as a guide, seriously to carry out the five development concepts of “Innovation, Coordination, Green, Openness and Sharing as well as vigorously implementing the “Two Seas and Two Green Path” and the "Four Strategies". Based on the total output value of 33.34 billion yuan that achieved in 2018,  the target construction enterprises will work hard for making a total output that over 35 billion yuan, re-contributing to the economic development of Jianhu together.