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Entry Waterway Project of Lvsi Harbour of Nantong Port won the honor titled “2018 Provincial Safe Demonstration Site in Jiangsu”

time:2018-12-29 count:316

The Entry Waterway Project of Lvsi Harbour of Nantong Port with the scale of 100,000 tons(Phase 2), which constructed by Zhonggang Construction Group Co. Ltd., was conferred by Department of Transportation of Jiangsu Province as provincial safe demonstration site of project of highway and waterway. It reflects that our company firmly establishes the consciousness of red bottom-line, the forward-looking of insisting scientific development and safe development, as well as the sustainability of intensively constructing safe site.

In the future work, we will further standardize the safety management, enhance our ability of safety prevention and solution, continuously improve the safety of our project, and thoroughly finish every piece of work related to safety construction.

Zhonggang Construction Group Co. Ltd.

January 28th, 2019