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Qinghai Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining inspected the construction of Ledu area

time:2015-09-21 count:671

         Qinghai Provincial Party Secretary Luo Huining didinvestigation and research of middle street project in Ledu ancient city on September 15,accompanied by Yu Congle, Secretary of     Municipal Party Committee of Haidong ,Wang Fachang,Vice Mayorand other leaders.
        On the construction site, the Chairman of No. 10 Engineering Bureau of Zhonggang Construction Group,Zang Zhengshu reported engineering construction,underground comprehensive pipe rack design,engineering qualityand progress of the project to the leaders in detail and the leaders gave full affirmation of the work report of Chairman Zang.
        Secretary Luo Huining also gleefully walked into the underground pipe gallery in the construction ,checked and asked for details of the project.He showed satisfied smile when seeing the standardized and orderly construction site ,and the tight safety and protection measures. Secretary,Luo Huining requested the Zhonggang Construction Group to further strengthen the management and bravely exploit and innovateto complete the construction of underground comprehensive pipe gallery better and faster , and make greater contributions to the economic development of Qinghai Province.
        Chairman Zang Zhengshu emphasized No. 10 Engineering Bureauof Zhonggang Construction Group must speed up the construction progress of underground comprehensive pipe gallery, further strengthen the management of construction safety and engineering quality, and ensure to complete the construction tasks with quality and quantity .Furthermore,No. 10 Engineering Bureauof Zhonggang Construction Group should respond to the call of the Qinghai provincial government and Haidong Municipal Party Committee with practical actions, and make active contribution to economic and social development of Haidong City.
        Leaders of the relevant departments of Qinghai Province and Haidong City accompaniedthe investigation.
                                                                        (No. 10 Engineering Bureau)