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The Group Has Successfully Completed All Real Work Quantity of Panjin 300,000-ton Crude Oil Wharf Project

time:2015-01-23 count:890

Totaling 430 meters long, 300,000-ton crude oil wharf at Panjin port is mainly used for crude oil unloading with a designed berth throughput of 16 million t/a. With an investment of 1.69 billion yuan, the project contains the work of 300,000-ton crude wharf and approach bank; dredging and warping work of the harbor pool, turning basin, the basis and other related water area; construction of handling equipment, pipes and other process facilities at the wharf; and other supporting works including power supply lighting, water supply and drainage, fire protection, civil engineering, automatic control and communications at the wharf.

With care and support of the group leadership and under the efforts of all colleagues in Panjin Yongyuan Construction Company, Panjin 300,000-ton wharf was completed 3 months ahead of the due date specified in the contract at 12:30, August 24, 2014 upon pouring the last tank of concrete over the steel trestle deck with celebrating firecrackers and fireworks resounding across the 300,000-ton wharf construction site, after 17 months of unremitting efforts of the project department and all involved staffs. The project department will also lead all the staff to keep working and fix defects in materials and engineering as soon as possible, so as to have the wharf project meet the acceptance conditions.

The constructed 300,000-ton crude oil wharf at Panjin port can meet the demand of the oil refining enterprises located in the hinterland for imported crude oil, which is beneficial for Panjin city to make the petrochemical industry chain bigger and stronger, to promote the high-speed economic development in Panjin and improve the competitiveness of Panjin port.