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Qinghai Provincial Water Resources Department Deputy Director-general Zhang Wei Inspected Dahua Reservoir Site of the Group

time:2015-01-23 count:1163

At 9:00 a.m., November 26, 2014, Qinghai Provincial Water Resources Department Deputy Director-General Zhang Wei led main officials of the construction management office and construction management center to supervise and guide the construction work at Dahua reservoir site owned by the Group, inspected the site construction of diversion tunnel, dam and dam abutment, and listened to the working report of the Group construction organization and understanding the engineering construction in detail.

Deputy Director-General Zhang Wei said Huangyuan Dahua Reservoir, as a comprehensive water conservancy project integrating irrigation and water supply functions, can effectively regulate water resources upon completion of the construction and solve the problems of living water for the residents in Chengguan Town of Huangyuan County, water for Dahua Industrial Park usage, drinking water for 8 administrative villages in Dahua Town, water for irrigation of 3,210 mu of farmland, so it is an important livelihood project and all the construction organizations must attach enough importance, so as to complete and work effectively on schedule with quality and quantity assured by well organizing and meticulously constructing the project.

He also raised requests on the construction organizations. The first request is to implement the project entity responsibility system. The project legal person is the key and the basis for proper construction management, so the project legal person must be responsible for the project construction safety, quality and other aspects. In case of any problem, he must lead to ascertain the cause, and must seriously implement the rectification measures according to the problems put forward by the quality supervision station. The second request is to strengthen the control over quality and schedule. Organizations in charge of supervision and quality inspection must strengthen the control over quality and schedule with higher sense of work responsibility, requiring the workers of supervision and quality organizations must be in position, the power of supervision engineers must be strengthened and the supervision journal must be kept carefully. The third request is to organize the construction meticulously. For construction organizations directly determine the success or failure of the work, they must further enrich professionals and managers, strengthen the training of technical workers and equipment maintainers and make efforts to keep better equipment availability. Zhang Wei pointed out the problems existed in the construction organization design, construction schedule, material field and rolling data, excavation of the diversion tunnel, blasting parameter control, tunnel face excavation section and other aspects with some improving suggestions, requiring the construction organizations to accelerate the construction speed of the diversion tunnel to realize diversion and closure as soon as possible, so as to ensure the normal implementation of the following work. The fourth request is to strengthen communication with the owners. Where principal officers of the supervision and construction organizations are replaced, they must inform and report to the owners about the matter.