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Chairman Cheng Bing of Zhonggang Construction Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd Visits Power China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd

time:2019-03-22 count:1366

On March 14th, 2019, the chairman Cheng Bing of Zhonggang Construction Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd led a team to visit the headquarter of Power China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd, and conducted talks with Zhao Qiming, the director, general manager and deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Power China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd on their cooperation. Yan Laihui, deputy general manager of Power China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd, general manager, Tu Jianhua, deputy general manager, Meng Yang and senior director Wu Yunpeng of Overseas Business Department, Jiang Shihan, chairman of Weishenghailu Heavy Industry Co., Ltd, Qin Keding, general manager of Zhonggang Construction Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd, Ma Huanxiao, general manager of strategic investment department, and investment manager, Li Mengyao, attended the meeting.

Zhao Qiming warmly welcomed chairman Cheng and his delegation, and introduced the current situation of Power China Hubei Engineering Co., Ltd, which is a limited liability company invested by Power China Engineering Co., Ltd and integrated by four enterprises: Hubei Electric Power Survey and Design Institute, Hubei Hongyuan Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd., Hubei Electric Power Construction First Engineering Company and Hubei Electric Power Construction Second Engineering Company. It is a comprehensive engineering company integrating investment and financing, planning and design, engineering construction and operation management of power engineering and infrastructure. Its main business is planning, designing, consulting, supervising, investing, financing, constructing and operating of general contracting of power, transportation and municipal infrastructure. It is responsible for international general contracting, dispatch of overseas engineering workers, project investment and financing cooperation, purchase, import and export operation of equipment and materials. What’s more, development, plan, design, construction, operation and maintenance of clean energy and new energy such as wind power and solar energy are involved in its business. The business distribution and international partners are in Asia, Europe, Africa, South America and other 40 more countries and regions.

Cheng Bing introduced the development process, status and future planning of Zhonggang Construction Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd in the past 30 years. The group is actively innovating, strengthening the original main business, making the project finance oriented, giving full play to the advantages of private capital, investing in large scale PPP projects for the benefit of the country and the people, and making efforts to open up the international market. Guided by the "one belt and one way" policy, Zhonggang Construction Group (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd accumulated many high-quality projects in Africa, Southeast Asia and other countries. Qin Keding introduced the overseas business development and carried out cooperation and exchanges on Mozambique's electricity market and thermal power projects.

Zhao Qiming said that through this meeting, the two sides have further deepened their understanding and could achieve in-depth cooperation by complementing each other and cooperating with each other.