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[The first serial report about 2019 annual meeting]Transforming and Upgrading for Starting Promoting Progress in Stability

time:2019-03-14 count:589

Though the meeting is over, we long for more; though having made progress, we still have much to do. On March 5th, the annual meeting of the Group was successfully held at the Platinum Hanjue Hotel. The leading group of the company, the heads of each department and above, the deputy general managers of directly affiliated project department and above, financial managers, main managers and financial managers of Suzhou Kaida Road Materials Co., Ltd. as well as the representatives of Advanced Groups and Advanced Workers in 2018 attended the meeting.

At the meeting, the Chairman and President Cheng Biao made a work report entitled “Transforming, upgrading, promoting progress in stability for a new situation of sustainable development of Zhonggang Group”. He made a comprehensive review of Group’s work in 2018, deeply analyzed the existing issues, put forward the target for the work in 2019, pointed out the main direction, and issued a mobilization order for everyone. President Cheng Biao pointed out that, in the new year, the Group shall focus on transforming and upgrading, seek improvement in stability, activate business strategy, strengthen content management, focus on major project, pursue capital appreciation and develop corporate culture. By this, we attempt to take a new road with Zhonggang characteristics that make adjustment in transformation, make progress in adjustment and promote in development to create a new situation for the sustainable development of the Group. He emphasized that we shall make “business on large scale, management priority, major project, capitalization and motive power” as the major direction to improve five kinds of ability including market development, refined management, construction and operation, sustainable development and cultural leadership. He called on everyone to unite and work hard to start again and make efforts to go forward. With newer thought, solid style of work and stronger method, we will strive for a new situation in the sustainable development in 2019.

At the meeting, Advanced Groups and Advanced Workers in 2018 were commended. It called on everyone to learn from them, to keep up with them, to strive for innovating constantly to make contribution for the sustainable development of the Group. Several representatives of Advanced Groups made speeches for communication. Vice Chairman Qin Gaoju announced the personnel appointment and issued the 2019 annual business objective.

The meeting was held by Xu Dali, the Executive Vice President. He emphasized that it is necessary to immediately implement the spirit of this meeting. All departments and units were required to study the speech of Chairman to thoroughly understand the spirit of it. For the existing issues, each department and unit shall carry out the rectification. We must understand the “five major directions”, enhance “five kinds of ability” and decompose the targets to make them implemented. Focusing on the new requirements for the system establishment proposed in the report, we shall quickly refine it and issue supporting documents. We shall make sure that each matter is the charge of worker and each worker bears the responsibility of the indicator. All departments and units are required to report the situation about how to implement the meeting to the Office of the Chairman before March 15th.

(Office of the Chairman)