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Zhang Jifu, Secretary of Hejiang county party committee, came to the company for investigation

time:2018-10-30 count:367

On October 28th, 2018, Zhang Jifu, Secretary of Hejiang county party committee, Luzhou City, Sichuan Province, with other five people came to our company to investigate and understand the situation of our project. The chairman Cheng Biao attended the conference. The chairman of the Fifth Engineering Bureau of the Zhonggang Construction Group, Kang Rui, and the representative of Gang Jia Company (Chongqing) accompanied the investigation.

The chairman, Cheng Biao firstly reported the development of the company, introduced the business model and development direction of the company.

Through a detailed understanding of the current situation of our company and the advantages of Hejiang County, Secretary Zhang proposed the intention of further cooperation between the two sides.

During the meeting, the two sides discussed the performance of the processing equipment, tax policy and other issues.