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Meeting to Promote Work and Communication in Zhonggang Construction Group Co.Ltd was Held Successfully

time:2018-10-16 count:347

Seniors of the headquarter and principals and finance chiefs of ten engineering bureaus were gathered to attend the meeting which was aimed to promote work and communication in headquarter on October 9th, 2018.

At the meeting, each engineering bureau deeply analyzed its own problems and earnestly searched for the causes of them, including business development, operating costs, cost laid down and other issues of each unit. We learned from Gang Jia (Chongqing) Renewable Resources Co. Ltd about the successful experience and the business model. The chairman Cheng Biao called on everyone to study it actively, learn from the successful experience constantly and make the business of the company more stable and stronger. At the same time, the chairman and the president of the board required relevant units to comply with the provisions of the headquarter on asset purchasing, employee employment and certificate seal management. Other departments and units should strengthen the cooperation.

Administrative Personnel Department

October 16th, 2018